Give a name to your address.

Send a 1 Luna transaction to the following burn address

NQ75 NAME 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000

Be sure to include the name you want to associate with the address in the data/message field of the transaction.  In the Nimiq Safe, this is in Advanced Settings.

Anybody can now inspect the blockchain to find your address alias to use in their application.  Other services could use an API service to lookup the alias.

For example

Would display something similar to:

{"address":"NQ24 M0PS USES AJF6 9GQX 7C64 3E3F DYGF 6QP5","alias":"MOPSUS!!","tx_hash":"0x80bfec0b34f029d26e89f086c692516acd0e883e99c40e3d0d02bf283394ef5d","block_height":422879}

The transaction could be viewed to verify the account owner did in fact set that alias. See

Mopsus block explorer will immediately update pages with your new alias.